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Sustainable Palm Oil


Glentech group is committed to sustainable palm oil production and sourcing, and to protecting forests and areas of high conservation value both in our own plantations and through our third-party supply chain.

Our policies set out our commitment and vision for oil palm plantations to coexist with natural ecosystems and communities in carefully planned and managed landscapes, and ultimately to have a net positive impact. 

We are fully supportive of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and we are committed to working towards a traceable and transparent palm oil supply chain that supports:

  • no deforestation of high carbon stock (HCS) or high conservation value (HCV) forests and ecosystems

  • no development of peatland

  • zero burning

  • responsible labour practices and respects the rights of local communities.

The glentech family believes in creating a better tomorrow for our coming generations. We are constantly evolving by seeking internal and external perspectives on emerging risks and opportunities. The issues identified are evaluated for their relevance to Glentech and their impact on the economy, environment and standard of living. This exercise is performed annually to ensure its relevance to the changing business environment, and the disclosure through reports is aimed at our stakeholders like investors, customers, employees, JV partners, business partners and the community. We have worked with key stakeholders and focused our efforts towards strengthening our strategic pillars for a sustainable development.


​In our endeavour to be a environment friendly company, we offer Glen RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified oil to all our buyers. We also take initiatives to educate our stake holders on the importance and  impact of using environment friendly alternatives such as RSPO and encourage them to switch to/ increase it's consumption. 

Glentech family strives to create a better and healthier Earth for our stakeholders, community and country. 

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