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Olive Oil

Edible Oil

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Glentech Product Categories

Glentech Group is a leading Importer of Crude Palm Oil (CPO) with extensive network of suppliers and clients.

  • Procuring High Quality CPO in Bulk from Indonesia and Malaysia. 


History and Back Ground of Crude Palm Oil: 

  • India is the largest consumer of palm oil in the world, consuming around 17 per cent of total world consumption.

  • India is also the largest importer of palm oil amounting to 44 per cent of world imports.

  • Indonesia is the largest palm Oil producer contributing to over 40 per cent of the world production.


CPO Application: -

Palm oil is widely used as cooking oil and is extremely tolerant to high temperatures. It is used as industrial frying fat and is also well suited for processing noodles, potato chips, French fries, doughnuts and other snacks.

  • Used to produce vegetable ghee or vanaspati, palm oil can also be used in shortening for bakery products, as an ingredient in ice-cream, as a non-dairy creamer or coffee whitener and confectionary fat.

  • Palm oil also finds applications in soaps, epoxide oil used in plastics, oleo chemicals, fatty acids, diesel substitutes, glycerol etc.


Market Influencing Factors

World demand and supply fluctuations of the competitive edible oils.

  • Domestic demand and supply fluctuations of other oils and oilseeds

  • Seasonal cycles, usually April to December is the peak production period.

  • Import policies of the importing nations


Glentech Group is an international trading organisation with a presence world wide, along with sourcing and marketing competencies to deliver as promised to our customers.

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